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Learn Photo Editing Photoshop Tutorial


Rp.120.000, 3 DVD, readystock siap dipesan, harga sudah termasuk ongkos kirim


Video Tutorial Photoshop berisi lebih 44 tutorial dalam bentuk Video maupun PDF.

Situs Referensi : http://www.learnphotoediting.net/

Black Can White Background
Cake Dark Background
Color Grading Tutorial For Wedding Photography
Create A Cartoon Character With Photo Manipulation
Editing Tutorial Color Correcting & Grading
Fruits White Background
Haunted House Hdr Effect
Haunted Who You Gonna Call
Howto Bring A Monster Character To Life
Howto Bring Out Colors & Detail In Your Photo
Howto Create A Cartoon Character With Photomanipulation
Howto Create A Vintage Look
Howto Create Breathtaking Images

Howto Create A Zombie Infested City
Howto Create Fantasy Characters In Photoshop
Howto To Do An Extreme Makeover Digitally In Photoshop
Howto To Turn A Bright Scene Into Dark Shadow
Lens White Background
Lightbox Tutorial
Melting Ice Cream
Monster Burger
The Mountains Raw Photo Color Grading
Turn Your Photos Into High Impact Magazine Ads

Howto Extreme Color Grading
Howto Make A Portrait Pop Out Of The Screen
Howto Retouch Your Portraits Like A Pros
Strawberry Cake Black Background
Strawberry Cake White Background
The Great Duck Race
The Insane Asylum
The Lost World
Create Fantasy Portrait
White Can Black Blackbackground
White Can White Blackbackground

+ total 3 DVD
+ bahasa inggris
+ harga Rp. 120.000 sudah termasuk ongkos kirim.
+ Barang Readystock bisa langsung dipesan
+ DVD diburning menggunakan DVD Merk Maxell High-Quality
+ Fast Respond add PIN BB: 5E702F0B or SMS/Whatsapp: 0812-2108-9520


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